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Atlas of Climatic Changes in Large Marine Ecosystems of the Northern Hemisphere (1878-2013)

Preface by Kenneth Sherman...

The present Atlas of Large Marine Ecosystems (LMEs) is a result of long-term international co-operation of the scientists from Russia, Ukraine, and the USA within the frameworks of national research programmes, focusing on climate changes, and international data management projects (GODAR UNESCO and IOC UNESCO).

The Atlas encompasses LMEs of the Eastern Arctic seas (Barents Sea LME (including the White Sea subarea), Kara Sea LME, Laptev Sea LME, East Siberian Sea LME, Chukchi Sea LME), Western and Eastern Bering Sea LMEs (accessible at the NODC/NOAA webpage), and the Black Sea LME (including the Sea of Azov subarea) and the Caspian Sea LME, and contains the primary oceanographic data, covering the period of 1878 to 2013.

Apart from the primary oceanographic data, the Atlas contains the results of processing to trace and determine the climatic variability of hydrological processes in the Arctic and in the southern region, seasonal climatic charts of vertical distribution of water temperature and salinity for the key hydrological transects in the Barents Sea, Black Sea, Sea of Azov, and Caspian Sea, as well as time series of water temperature and salinity anomalies for every month of each year or for a specified period.

At the first time the Atlas presents long-term data on the ice conditions of the Barents Sea and charts of fishery dynamics, information about long-term variability of ice conditions of the Barents Sea, Sea of Azov, and the Caspian Sea.

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